Getting Credentialed

For over a decade, the International Coach Federation has been leading the development of professional coaching. More than 20,000 coaches have participated in one of ICF’s three credentials (ACC, PCC or MCC), gaining coaching expertise and professional fulfillment. With an ICF Credential, coaches demonstrate not only knowledge and skill, but also a commitment to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics.

An ICF-approved or accredited coach training program will count toward the training requirement for your ICF Credential.

ICF Credential-holders have fulfilled rigorous education and experience requirements and demonstrated their commitment to coaching excellence. To earn an ICF Credential, a coach must:

ICF offers three credentials:

Start by choosing the ICF Credential that best fits your coach-specific training and your coaching experience:

ACC: Requires 60+ training hours and 100+ coaching hours

PCC: Requires 125+ training hours and 500+ coaching hours

MCC: Requires 200+ training hours and 2500+ coaching hours


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