The ICF Global Board of Directors approved the ICF Statement of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice in July 2020. Staff and volunteer leaders from ICF’s six family organizations subsequently cosigned the statement.

This statement of principles reflects a position we invite every ICF Member, Credential-holder and accredited training provider to subscribe to.

ICF Members and Credential-holders live and work in more than 140 countries and territories. ICF is a vibrant global community committed to the shared vision of making coaching an integral part of a thriving society. Our mission is to lead the global advancement of coaching. To do this, we must reflect on our blind spots and be aware of opportunities for improvement. We cannot ignore the challenges that many coaches and coaching clients face due to systemic problems in their communities.

As members of the ICF community, we ascribe to the core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. The foundation of these values is a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice.

We will place diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice at the forefront of every decision we make within our Association. As we continue the journey toward our vision, we will recommit ourselves to valuing the unique talents, insights and experiences that every coach and client brings to the world.

July 2020 Signatories:

  • Carrie Abner, Vice President, ICF Credentials and Standards
  • Luke Davis, Vice President, ICF Coach Training
  • Morel Fourman, 2020 ICF Foundation Board of Trustees President
  • Rajat Garg, MCC, 2020 ICF Global Board Chair
  • Todd Hamilton, COO, ICF
  • Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D., Vice President, ICF Thought Leadership
  • Micki McMillan, MCC, 2020 ICF Coach Training Global Board Chair
  • Magdalena Nowicka Mook, CEO, ICF
  • Ann Rindone, ACC, Vice President, ICF Professional Coaches
  • Renée Robertson, PCC, Vice President, ICF Coaching in Organizations
  • Sara Smith, MCC, 2020 ICF Professional Coaches Global Board Chair
  • Benita Stafford-Smith, MCC, 2020 ICF Credentials and Standards Global Board Chair
  • Silvia Tassarotti, MCC, 2020 ICF Thought Leadership Global Board Chair


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