ICF Houston History

Honoring Our Chapter Roots

We offer a special thank you to Debra Bruce, Gloria Silverio, Bruce Anderson, and all of our past leaders who saw the need for a strong local coaching community, and had the dedication to build the organization from its infancy to what it has become today.

Historical Timeline

  • Houston played an important role in the birth of coaching.  Thomas Leonard, a coach who lived and taught in Houston in the 1990s was among the founders of the International Coach Federation in 1995.

  • Houstonian Bruce Anderson was also one of the founding members of ICF. He led gatherings of Houston coaches beginning around 1995. Sandy Vilas, Judith O’Connor, Ann Houston, Rod Barnes, Sherry Lowry and Donna Fisher were also among those first coaches in Houston. The first ICF conference was held in Houston in 1995.

  • The organization that eventually became the local Houston Chapter of ICF hatched over a series of meetings at Starbucks beginning in August 2002 between Debra Bruce and Gloria Silverio, two trained coaches. At that time there were no regular meetings of coaches in Houston.

  • Debra Bruce and Gloria Silverio wanted a reliable community of fellow coaches, so they founded Houston Coaching Network in late 2002 as a combined meeting of ICF and other coaching groups.

  • In January 2004 Houston Coaching Network established a website, and in June 2004 the HCN board began discussing the merits of creating a nonprofit organization at some point in the future.

  • In 2008, the chapter changed its name to Houston Coaches Inc. and earned its nonprofit status.  The first official board of directors consisted of Bill Hughes, Debra Bruce and Cynthia Simpson.  Having gained nonprofit status, Houston Coaches Inc. was able to convert to a “Charter Chapter” of ICF.

  • The chapter, now known as the ICF Houston Chapter, is thriving with a devoted board, a membership of over 175, regular monthly meetings, education programs, and community outreach activities.


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