Southeast Regional Webinar: "Transformational Coaching with HEART"


September 10, 2020
12:00 PM CDT - 1:00 PM CDT
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transformational coaching with heart

Speaker: Vicky Escudé
*1 CCEU in Core Competencies

Program Description:

Become comfortable moving into deeper areas with your clients for their highest personal and professional growth. Learn how coaches can become Coaching Alchemists, using Alchemical Principles to invite clients to experience greater joy, expansion, higher energy, and new possibilities in their lives. Coaches will be able to move into more mature coaching by understanding the difference between simply getting results and the value of supporting the client to learn how to get results.

Participants will learn five red flags that indicate a client's limiting beliefs and negative patterns are present. When to use Active Listening and Powerful Questioning will be discussed as effective strategies to Create Awareness and support significant shifts in perception.

HEART was first introduced at ICF Global Converge17, and marries a rational and emotive change process with energetic awareness for a more holistic approach to behavior change. HEART is an acronym for the process of identifying barriers and supporting the client's shifts in perception. Since that presentation, Escudé has been invited to present her concepts to ICF chapters, international ACTP programs, Essence of Mastery Summit and other international conferences.

Learning Objectives:

     • List five red flags that indicate a client's limiting beliefs and negative patterns are present.
     • Identify when to use Active Listening and Powerful Questioning.
     • Create Awareness and support significant shifts in perception.

Core Competencies:

This presentation touches on all ICF Core Competencies #2 - #11, with emphasis on Creating Awareness, Powerful Questioning, Active Listening, Direct Communication, Coaching Presence and Trust and Intimacy.

About the Speaker

Vicki Escudé, MA, MCC, is the owner of Executive Leadership Coaching and an international pioneer in the coaching profession as an executive coach, coach educator, Master Coach Trainer, keynote speaker and presenter. She is passionate about professional coach education and has trained hundreds of professional coaches internationally as a faculty member for the University of Texas-Dallas, Success Unlimited Network and as a founder of Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance (SECA).


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